All Cricket Matches are Fixed, 'Cricket Sabse Bada Fraud aur Moorkh Bante Log'

    UnderWorld Cup, (Media, Modis, Mudgals, Mamatas - All Dial Dawood)

    How all the cricket matches of ‘T20 World Cup 2016’ held in India were fixed?

    This book answers all those questions for a reader to readily understand

    This book is especially beneficial for those who bet on cricket matches and suffer

    'UnderWorld Cup (Media, Modis, Mudgals, Mamatas - All Dial Dawood)’ is the latest book written by Atul Kumar and published by Diamond Books, (launched at Pragati Maidan, Delhi Book Fair recently), that will leave you shocked for rest of your life. You will know for sure that cricket is not and has not been for last many years what you are told through commentary, cricket experts, cricket journalists, media reports, BCCI and ICC, and celebrities.

    It has been no game but only a platform to collect millions of dollars on daily basis for the betting syndicates. The players in the ground only carry out the bidding of their masters while acting out their scripted roles. The commentators, cricket journalists, and cricket experts earn heftily and remain happy while fooling us all the time.

    You will also know how this massive fraud continues with the active or passive support of most of those whom we consider great.

    Atul Kumar, a well known courageous person and very honest former Indian Railway Stores Service (IRSS) officer, has earlier written three more books, (1) ‘Inside the Boundary Line’, (2) ‘Bettors Beware’ republished under the title ‘All Cricket Matches are Fixed', and (3) ‘Cricket : The Massive Fraud’, bringing out the above and proving scientifically what he tells us for the benefit of the masses.

    Some of these books have been published in Hindi and regional languages also. But due to active involvement of media barons in this massive fraud, the public is still not aware of these books and the content therein.

    The book ‘UnderWorld Cup’ brings out match by match brief analysis to make a reader understand how all the matches of the last ‘T20 World Cup 2016’ held in India were fixed.

    To say that all matches are fixed raises many questions. This book answers those questions for a reader to readily understand. There is hardly a possible question that has not been answered in Atul Kumar’s books.

    The continuance of open massive fraud through Cricket necessitates politicians’ blessings. The book ‘UnderWorld Cup’ also unambiguously and courageously brings out the necessary politicians-underworld-ICC-judiciary-celebrities-cricketers-police nexus for this fraud to continue despite having publicly been exposed about 4 years back.

    Atul Kumar is a name well known in Indian Railways. While in service before opting for voluntary retirement, he exposed annual loss of Rs. 5,000 crores in Railway Procurement through systemic corruption. He also put in herculean efforts for recommendations for necessary corrections in the Procurement system through a committee consisting of present Chairman, Railway Board. Unfortunately, those recommendations are yet to be implemented though E. Sreedharan, the Metro-Man, later on confirmed what Atul Kumar had brought out.

    Atul Kumar has never been a cricketer. This is an extraordinary occurrence that someone has just applied common-sense to his keen observations to expose one of the biggest ongoing international frauds. Having been directly challenged, ICC or BCCI have never been able to contradict or even counter his assertions.

    On the contrary, his books have been held in high esteem by some top journalists of the country. Icing on the cake is that very recently Sanjeev Chawla, a top bookie arrested in Hansie Cronje case, has confirmed to the authorities in London about international cricket what Atul Kumar had been telling us through his books all these years.

    This book can be said to be a big slap on the face of not only ICC and BCCI, but also Indian media and Indian political leaders including the ruling government.

    Atul Kumar's amazing insight and candid narration is at its very best in this eye-opener for all cricket lovers in the world. An explosive account of how matches in the 2016 T20 World Cup were fixed for the benefit of betting syndicates. Could two no-balls be the cause for India's ouster from the Cup as widely propagated? Or were those scripted for a specific purpose?

    "Dropped catches, brilliant catches, brilliant run outs, missing easy run out chances, brilliant fielding, and misfielding, all can be scripted and fixed. And these are incorporated to create thrill and better dramatic effects in order to attract viewers and sell the game."

    "It is for cricket betting that fixing is done and it is through cricket betting that fixing can be proved."

    "The political implications of India-Pakistan cricket matches being fixed are rather very serious. It could not be that leaders in these countries were not aware of these matches being fixed."

    "The least the government or media could do was to inform the masses that Cricket was like WWE wrestling, and let Dawood's interests be hit by this simple action."

    The time tested Truth to shake India and the world from the author of All Cricket Matches are Fixed, Cricket 'Sabse Bada Fraud Aur Moorkh Bante Log and Phakeland.'

    The book is a must read for all cricket lovers across the world and all those Indians who consider themselves to be intellectuals. It is especially beneficial for those who bet on cricket matches and suffer. Book is available all H. S. Wheelers Book Stalls at Railway Stations.

    I shall request all to make more and more people aware about the truth. That will help the society at large. Public is unaware about how deep rooted institutionalized fixing in cricket is.

    The book is available on line : Will be listed soon on other online stores too.

    The Book : ‘UNDERWORLD CUP’

    Author : ATUL KUMAR, Former IRSS Officer.

    © Publisher : Diamond Pocket Books, New Delhi.

    # Price : Rs. 150/-

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