Enbezzlement of Government Money in Crores by IRCTC

    Who was advised to deposit Railway Money in IRCTC Account?

    If there was no system, why it was not developed by the Railways?

    Suresh Tripathi

    Since Railway Boad has empowered FOIS for monitor collection and its apportioned into various Zonal Railways. Wagon Registration Fee (WRF) on Payment Gate Way of IRCTC was started since August 2014 as per Railway Boad's Rate Circuilar No. 21, which say this Station Earning should be transferred to Northern Railway within T+2 days.

    But it was never followed till Janewary 2017 when IRCTC gave cheque of Rs. 12 Crores after lots of persuasion from FOIS office through Northern Railway and Railway Boad.

    IRCTC had opened two accounts for WRF funds namely SBI account no. 4872 and a Pvt. Bank Indus Bank account no. 6244 for setting a transparent and efficient system of fund transfer from IRCTC to Northern Railway, FOIS office asked following informations.

    1. Agreements with terms and conditions of both banks.

    2. How much interest IRCTC have earned on Rs. 61 Crores upto August 2016?

    3. Weather interest money has been transferred to Railway or not?

    4. IRCTC's refund Imprest of Rs. 3 Crores from WRF money is not permissible, Refund if any, can be done from current earnings of WRF?

    5. Explore possibilities to transfer WRF money daily through net banking, instead of routine cheques?

    There is no reply by IRCTC till now, Opening of Government account in Private Bank requires lot of permissions and formalities, that too when there is no Government Bank, but handling of WRF about Rs. 75 Crores was very strange, first it was deposited in State Bank of India, later on about Rs. 21 Crores was shifted to Private Bank for some vested interest of Dr. A. K. Manocha, CMD/IRCTC.

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