Passengers' demand stoppage of 22627/28 Intercity Express at Eraniel Station

    KDRUA requested to railway administration for kind consideration for implementation

    Nagercoil: Eraniel Railway station is the main railway station of Kalkulam taluk of Kanyakumari District. Kalkulam Taluk has a population of 6,03,918. On an average 2000 passengers use Eraniel station daily. The Eraniel Railway station catchment area is more. Eraniel is in between Nagercoil (18 km) and Kulithurai (15 km) stations. The total area of Kanyakumari district is 1,684 kms (650 sq mi). Also having a population of 18,70,374 and the density is very high and in owing 2nd place in Tamilnadu. it is 1,110.7/kms (2,877/sq mi). There is a total of 78 kms railway route only in this district. Because of these factors, Kanyakumari District Railway Users' Association (KDRUA) demand more railway stoppages.

    Kanyakumari District Railway Users' Association like to bring to kind notice train no. 22627/28, Tiruchirapalli - Tirunelveli Intercity express extended from July 15, 2017, up to Trivandrum. Passengers appreciate for the concerned authorities for this extension as the whole Kanyakumari district will be being fitted by all means, but this train is not having stoppage at Eraniel railway station. said P. Edward Jeni, secretary, KDRUA.

    The Kalkulam Taluk passengers who need to travel by this train they have to go to Nagercoil Town Railway Station (NJT). Because of the traffic congestion and more no. of vehicles, it takes a lot of time to travel and reach the Nagercoil station (NJT) as it is located in suburbs of Nagercoil. Also, the Nagercoil railway is lacking basic amenities like high-level platform, shelter, water, clean toilets, safeness (in case refers that the fatal accident caused before six months of a lady passenger). Association feels that once if any passenger reaches this station with difficulty and because of the inconvenience caused to him, he will never prefer this station to travel next time. Because of this, there will be no rush for this train, which ends in Railways income loss being of no use for this extension.

    If railway administration creates stoppage at Eraniel station (which will be the third in Kanyakumari district), there will be an end for all these hardships, as more passengers will prefer this station. Association request is to stop this train at Eraniel railway station based on the above valid points.

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