DG/RPF is using very nefarious Head Constable to settle his score against Association

    Head Constable is made a pawn, DG/RPF taking revenge from the RPF Association

    This act of DG will affect the morale of law-abiding disciplined RPF Officers and staff

    Mumbai: Head Constable S. K. Tripathi was transferred to Western Railway (WR) from West Central Railway (WCR) as per the order of the then DG/RPF for his indiscipline behaviour and for his misconduct he was issued with 3 major penalty charge sheets from WCR and sent along with his service records. He resumed his duties at Maninagar post of Ahemadabad division, WR on 02.09.2016.

    Since his activities were nefarious in nature and against the tenets of All India RPF Association (AIRPFA) so he was suspended from the membership of Association for a period of 6 years during Central Executive and General Council meeting of AIRPFA held at Chitrakoot in December 2016.

    At Western Railway also he continued his infamous activity of indiscipline. On 08.05.2017, he along with 3 other staff created a scene in RPF barrack Maninagar under the influence of liquor when ASI Sohan Lal tried to stop them to do so they reported having assaulted him.

    ASI Sohan Lal reported the matter to Sr.DSC/Ahemadabad who advised him to lodge a complaint with civil police Khokhra, who arrested S. K. Tripathi and 3 others u/s 66(1)B, 85, of Gujrat Prohibition Act and 110, 117 G P Act on 09.05.2017. After that Sr. DSC Immediately suspended S. K. Tripathi and other staff and attached him to Porbandar post, Bhavnagar Division. However, S. K. Tripathi did not report to his attached post and gone to Jabalpur without information of concerned authorities.

    During the AIRPFA AGM of WCR Zone on 23/24.08.2017, Tripathi tried to create spoilage but could not succeed. However, he filed a Writ Petition in Jabalpur High Court against the President and Secretary General of AIRPFA. Similarly, he also made a complaint to DG/RPF.

    Since Association has filed a Writ in the High Court of Delhi against the deputation of IPS cadre officer as DG/RPF in violation of Section 19(2) of the  RPF Act and posting of present DG/RPF Dharmendra Kumar is depend on the outcome of said Writ.

    According to office bearer of Association, 'DG/RPF is using this very nefarious Head Constable S. K. Tripathi to settle his score against Association and on 06.10.2017 issued a letter attaching him to work in WCR Zone for 3 months period to let him persuade the writ he has filed against the elected representatives of AIRPFA.'

    Before the Attachment letter of S. K. Tripathi could reach to Sr. DSC/Ahemadabad. He was dismissed from service by Sr. DSC/Ahmedabad in a pending 153, charge sheet and sent a letter of dismissal by hand to deliver to S. K. Tripathi at Jabalpur when he came to know about his dismissal order he reportedly contacted DG/ RPF who again issued order to keep his dismissal order in abeyance. (see the related letter issued by DIG/R&T, Railway Board on 09.10.2017 today itself).

    According to the Association, 'The saga of his (Tripathi) Attachment then dismissal and keeping the same in abeyance is creating an atmosphere of surprises in the rank and the force as how a notorious staff is rewarded as an attachment to his choice of place from where he was shunted to curb his notoriety and subsequently keeping his order of dismissal in abeyance.'

    This act of DG/RPF will surely affect the morale of law-abiding disciplined RPF Officers and staff, said the office bearer of the Association.

    According to the Association, 'By this letter of staying dismissal of ex-head constable, S. K. Tripathi, DG/RPF is giving a clear signal that he is behind the filing of a writ petition in Jabalpur high court by keeping all the rules and regulations aside, said Association. This act of DG/RPF will certainly have a big impact on officers and staff of RPF its image and morale of the force. Railway Board must take this issue very seriously since an important issue of security of Railway Passengers and property are in the hand of RPF and such order of helping habitual drunkard and indisciplined staff will have a bad effect on other staff.'

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