A looking after General Manager, Southern Railway shows the way!

    The manipulative 'Mafia Union' of S.Railway hits another roadblock

    Southern Railway needs a very tough and no-nonsense General Manager

    Officers wrkg in S.Rly for decades have become subservient to the SRMU

    S.Rly Administration runs from the 'Mafia Union' Office, is become true

    How long GMs/DRMs of S. Railway are decided by the SRMU Chief?

    In Return for Postings what service is provided by officers to SRMU?

    Does the SRMU have moles in the PMO & the Home Minister’s Office too?

    MR & CRB are expected to support the action of GM/SR to restore work culture fully destroyed by the manipulative Unions

    Chennai: The Southern Railway Mazdoor Union (SRMU), well known as 'Mafia Union' between the railway employees of Southern Railway, which practically decides how the administration runs in Southern Railway has taken yet another hit. After the retirement of Ajeet Saxena from the post of CCM, they heaved a sigh of relief and expected that their writ will run again, without any check. But, two bold officers of the Commercial Department, backed by the look after General Manager have dashed its dreams.

    The SRMU had orchestrated the transfer of Senior Divisional Commercial Manager (SrDCM) of Trivandrum Division with the help of a highly manipulative and corrupt but pliant Chief Commercial Manager (CCM) Smt. Priyamvada Vishwanathan and 'Jugadoo' Chief Operation Manager (COM) Anant Raman. But, the SrDCM Mr. Sudheesh approached to CAT, Ernakulam and got his transfer quashed.

    Upon this, the CCM, the COM and the CPO advised the General Manager (GM) on file that the Railway should move the High Court in appeal against the CAT order. They had not counted on the no-nonsense attitude of Sudhanshu Mani, the GM/ICF, who is also looking after the charge of GM, Southern Railway. Not only, Shri Mani rejected their advice, he also, in one stroke, checked the propensity of the Railway Administration to keep raising the level of judicial intervention against honest but hapless officers of Southern Railway. The SrDCM, Trivandrum Mr. Sudheesh will now remain in his position.

    The SRMU has not yet overcome the humiliation and defeat in the case, where they tried to frame Ajeet Saxena and got a bloody nose in return. Nine women employees, who had been used to trap Shri Saxena, have been removed and dismissed from service by the bold SrDCM of Chennai Division, Mr. V. Ravichandran. The SRMU had been attempting to get Mr. Ravichandran transferred out since long.

    In yet another attempt, they persuaded the new crooked but docile CCM to propose his transfer, expecting that the AGM, P. K. Mishra, who is extremely sympathetic to the SRMU, would approve the transfer.

    In a departure from its earlier order that AGMs would look after the role of GMs, the Railway Board ordered that Sudhanshu Mani, the GM of ICF, would officiate as the GM of Southern Railway as well for three months or till further order. The game plan of SRMU failed badly as the transfer file now landed on the table of Sudhanshu Mani.

    Shri Mani not only rejected the proposal of transfer of Ravichandran, SrDCM, Chennai Division but also chastised his officers for putting up such a manipulative proposal in their wasted interest. These two actions of a "looking after" GM, which even regular GMs would have been wary to take, has sent a wave of relief and joy in honest and bold officers of Southern Railway. Quite clearly, the SRMU has, once again, been thwarted in its attempts to rule the Zonal Railway through its Union Office.

    It should be pointed out the AGM/SR P. K. Mishra has been trying his best to anyhow to become the General Manager of Southern Railway, where he has worked for over three decades, just like COM and CCM. The SRMU has promised him 'all help' and is making attempts for the same through its old links in the PMO, MHA and the MR's Office.

    Recent years have seen the wings of SRMU clipped by just a few honest and bold officers of Southern Railway, who decided that they would not buckle down under the coercion and money power of this Mafia Union. 'Railway Samachar' still have to see if latest action by the GM/SR, Sudhanshu Mani, is the final nail in its coffin or will the SRMU wait for yet another pliant General Manager and reclaim lost territory.

    Meanwhile, the Minister for Railways (MR) Piyush Goyal and the Chairman, Railway Board (CRB) Ashwani Lohani are expected to support this action with their full might, to restore work culture fully destroyed in the Railways by the recognized but manipulative Unions.

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