Deliberate violation of Vigilance Directives in Railway Medical Deptt

    Why is Doctors/Para-Medical staff is serving entire tenure in the same place?

    Why is Railway Administration turning a blind eye towards this manipulation?

    Why is Dr. B. K. Singh in the same chair for more than 10 years at Dhanbad?

    Suresh Tripathi

    Deliberate violation of Railway Board Vigilance and CVC Directives while indulging and promoting corruption along with neglect of duty by medical department of all over Indian Railway including Dhanbad Division, East Central Railway. (Ref: - Para 9 of Annexure-III/I of chapter III of Indian Railway Vigilance Manual (2006) (see photocopy) relating to rotations of officials working in sensitive posts).

    It is a matter of serious concern that medical department of East Central Railway (ECR) is deliberately violating the vigilance directives of the Railway Board and CVC. As a result, corruption and deliberate neglect of duties became a growing concern. In fact, it is clearly directed that no medical officer being in sensitive posts could be in the same chair as administrator for more than four years.

    But in DHANBAD DIVISION, for instance, Dr B. K. Singh, as the post of in charge either as MS, or CMS in the same chair for more than 10 years. As an in charge, he became the authority of occupying sensitive posts doing final judgment of the medical board, stores, different purchases, medical unfitness of job of the railway employees along with the provision of railway job as compensation, finalization of tenders either directly or indirectly all sensitive works.

    Being in the same chair for the long time of 10 years as in charge and 10 years more in the same place, there is ample opportunity to be associated with known faces of outsourcing agents of medical test, tenders and purchase and thereby corruption is rising.

    While busy with so many administrative works, attitude of many of them in sensitive post becomes habituated with the illegal transaction of bribe and thereby patient care of upgrading of medical service is totally stopped.

    To keep the chair intake long-standing staying at the major post, it is seen and alleged that CMS/Dhanbad is frequently busy with the mala-fide intention for negotiation to higher authority but less time is provided for patient care.

    Recently, for instance, one railway passenger while on a journey, fell ill and forced to be admitted at Dhanbad Railway hospital. One medical officer attended the patient but being on Sunday he was reluctant to attend the patient in the second half of every week as before.

    The patient, due to passing in the phase of acute illness had become helpless with minimum expenditure he was possessing. Unfortunately, the patient was suddenly intimated to discharge from a telephonic order of concerned doctor and thereby literally the patient was thrown into the hands of his known visitor to die.

    While not getting any relief, private agent of CMS Dhanbad, the patient was again forced to be admitted to private hospitals endangering his life and facing huge expenditure. Admitted patient/passenger's name was Prem Shankar Shukla (PNR No. 6025028757, train no. 12311, Kalka Mail, coach no. S-6, berth no. 28) on the date 12.11.2017.

    (Refer news coverage date 14.11.2017- "गैर-जिम्मेदारी और उत्तरदायित्वविहीनता का सर्वोत्तम उदाहरण हैं रेलवे अस्पताल" (link - )

    Now on the basis of above facts and circumstances, the following questions arise-

    1. Why Railway doctor on duty discharged the patient getting emergency treatment at Dhanbad Railway Hospital within two hours of admission against the consent of the patient and in spite of not getting any relief just because he could not pay the corrupt officer?

    2. Is it not unusual while the patient was in pain, hours together in train journey being admitted after great difficulty and pain but discharged within two hours for the private hospital?

    3. Why did CMS Dr B. K. Singh refuse to attend the patient himself, either by himself or arranging his proper treatment?

    4. Why in spite of vigilance directive of sensitive post railway establishment of his authority allow Dr B. K. Singh in the same chair of administration for 10 years while rule says he could not stay more than 4 years?

    5. Is it a fact that due to manipulation, corruption and deliberate negligence of duty by CMS Dhanbad so openly that railway authority has literally to show blind eye while following the rule of administration only for Dr B. K. Singh, CMS Dhanbad?

    6. Why medical department as a whole is not following the rule of the sensitive post, is it due to misleading facts coming from junior authority due to false stay of duration or anything else?

    Railway passengers, families of railway employees as well as other department are concerned that medical department in administration getting extraordinary favour where combating the corruption in the medical department by not following the vigilance and CVC directives.

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