CRB conducted Extremely cold weather night patrolling on Delhi-Rewari section

    CRB closely watched and experienced first-hand the onerous task of patrolmen

    Examined safety equipments, protective clothing, florocent jackets and passed important instructions

    New Delhi: Chairman, Railway Board (CRB) Ashwani Lohani conducted cold weather night foot patrolling alongside patrolmen on Saterday-Sunday night on 6-7 January, alongside patrolmen on Delhi-Rewari section.

    He walked down on track in full patrolling beat of 2kms+2kms in extremely cold weather conditions, shoulder to shoulder with patrolman and closely watched and experienced first-hand the onerous task of patrolmen.

    He interacted with patrolmen and supervisers and examined their safety equipments, protective clothing, boots, florocent jackets and passed instructions that-

    1. Instead of overcoats, good quality jackets be supplied preferably yearly as against overcoat once in 3 years;

    2. Supplying good quality industrial boots by procurement, over and above the uniform allowance;

    3. Supplying high intensity chargeable type torches and

    4. LED type HS lamp instead of kerosene based lamps.

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